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Foryou Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd. Officially Launched LED Full Automatic Production Line

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Foryou Optoelectronic Co.,Ltd. Officially Launched LED Full Automatic Production Line

Foryou Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. had firstly launched the automatic production line in domestic which was self-researched and developed. The purpose is to seize the market by reducing the cost, improving the production efficiency and the quality.
 As we known, with the constant innovation of LED technology and the industry reshuffle, enterprises change rapidly. Many copycat workshops now have to face survival crises, but it is good for LED industry as a whole which makes the future direction more clear, and the core competence leverage has referred to “Standardization, high efficiency, high quality with low price”. Clearly, Foryou Optoelectronics knows better.

Foryou Optoelectronics focused on FA production not only for the technical accumulation but also the determination of manufacture’s transformation. Comparing to the past, the production efficiency is relatively increased about 600% and 75% reduce in labor cost. Besides, data  shows the product process, quality and customer’s satisfaction all have significant improvement. For example, 16 workers could produce 3000pcs per-day before the automatic production line in use; now, 4 workers can finish 21000pcs or more in 8 hours.



The chief engineer of FA project introduced that Foryou Optoelectronics plan to develop the automatic production line since 2013 and officially approved in 2014, then launched in the Aug. 2004. In the beginning, the designer clearly pursuits the production efficiency and process quality, rather than single equipment capacity or recovery cycle. Finally, the designer completed the tasks through extracting the difficulty of production and focusing all the strength to solve it. The chief engineer added, our automatic production lines are customized using modular design, which save the cost and continent for modifying the process according to the change of demand. So, the production process could recombine and increase, or decrease; and the one production line could produce many different products.

Completed product process with low investment is a main feature of the full automated production line which Foryou Optoelectronic self-designed and developed. It integrates the numerous core technology to complete and replace labour works. Moreover, All the software and control panel in this production line are independently designed under the lowest cost with best matching product characteristics. It is its unique technical advantage and core competition.

With the improving of the labour cost, enterprises demand for automatic production line is also rapidly increasing. Foryou Optoelectronic has targeted oversea markets and sold ADAYO lamps to countless countries; it also serves many famous and influential LED companies by OEM. The main focus of Foryou Optoelectronic is to promote FA solution in order to produce the cost-effective LED lighting products.

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