About Us

Foryou Corporation was founded in 1993. After more than 20 years of development, Foryou Corporation has become a leader in four major industries, namely, Automotive Electronics, Precision Electronic Components, Precision Die Casting,and LED Lighting.

Foryou Corporation is one of the largest automotive electronics equipment manufacturers in China, also well known for its precision electronics parts in the industry. Over the years, Foryou Corporation has developed core technology and strong system integration capabilities among the above four industries. Foryou Corporation constantly innovates in technology and products to meet customer needs and to stay competitive in the markets. It has also established the Foryou Industrial Research Institute, an R&D center that has close collaborations with many prestigious universities and companies.

With the vision to become a leading enterprise through continuous improvement, and to keep devoting to a better life for human beings, Foryou Corporation has gradually established its competitive advantages through industry value chain. The company owns such leading products:

A full line of Automotive Electronics products including In-Vehicle Infotainment System, Telematics, In-Vehicle Navigation System, Air Controller, TPMS, ADAS(Bird View Parking Assistance, Rearview Camera, DVR, Lane Departure Warning-LDW),Head Up Display,In-Vehicle Air Purifier, Auto Parts, Vehicle Body Control Module, Digital Dashboard;

Precision Electronic Components product lines: DVD Mechanism, Laser Head and Components; Communication Products Parts (Micro-Electrical Motor, High Frequency Transformer), and Pico Projector;

Precision Die Casting product lines for automotive, industrial control, electro-mechanical products;

LED Lighting Product Lines: LED Package, LED Module, LED Driver, LED Commercial and House Lighting, LED Backlight

Foryou Corporation is among the few enterprises with its own critical core technology and resources, and has become a trusted partner for many top global enterprises.

Foryou Corporation carries two famous industry brands, namely “Foryou” and “ADAYO”. The company has been honored as one of the key large developing enterprises by Guangdong Province since 1999. It has been among the Top 50 Guangdong Leading Enterprises since 2000, and China’s Top 100 Electronics Enterprises as well as China’s Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises for many years.


Foryou Corporation is committed to provide competitive products and services, constantly creating values for customers and benefiting our staff, shareholders , and the society. Striving to become bigger and stronger, Foryou Corporation is steadily marching toward the strategic industry leading position at home and abroad.